Creme Life raspberry

Creamy sweet and sugar-free

Creme Life raspberry

Creme Life raspberry

Creamy sweet and sugar-free

Fruity as only the raspberry can be: the creaminess of the sweet brings out the full flavour of the raspberry. The whole world shows its fruity-sweet vivilisation through raspberry coloured glasses.

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Nutritional information
Nutritional information
Average nutritional information per 100 g


1047 kJ/252 kcal

– of which saturated fatty acids

1.8 g
1.2 g

– of which sugar
– of which polyhydric alcohols

97.2 g
0.2 g
97.0 g


0.3 g


0.20 g


Sugar-free raspberry lozenges; with sweeteners


Sweeteners: isomalt, maltitol syrup, acesulfame K; whipped cream (6%), acidifier: lactic acid; flavourings, fruit juice concentrates: chokeberry, elderberry, currant, cranberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry (0.1%), blueberry; colour: titanium dioxide; salt, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

May be laxative if consumed in excess.
Store dry and protect from heat.

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